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Without vigilance and proper maintenance, electrical problems can arise on any commercial property–in buildings, warehouses, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, restaurants and other nonresidential structures. When electrical issues are not attended to right away, they can easily trigger disaster, structurally and economically, in the form of a fire.

In fact, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety reports that electrical fires consistently rate among the top five causes of fires in commercial buildings. According to the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, as much as 26 percent of structural loss due to fires between 2011 and 2015 were related to a range of electrical issues. In fact, fires caused by electrical wiring and outlets alone account for as many as 651 fire incidents each year.

Commercial fires are serious. They lead to a lot of property damage and they put a lot of lives at risk. This is why it is always recommended to seek assistance from commercial electrical contractors in Toronto the moment you sense an electrical issue on your commercial property.

Here are 3 immediate warning signs that should alert property technicians and engineers to the potential for fire:

1. Experiencing shock when touching an appliance 

If you or anyone else in the workplace experiences an electrical shock every time you touch the copy machine or a computer, something may be awry in the electrical circuitry. Should this happen to you, be sure to unplug the affected appliance immediately. Discontinue using it until a commercial electrical contractor arrives to fix the problem. 

2. Frequently tripped circuits or blown fuses 

When circuits are continuously tripped or fuses blown, overloaded circuits or outlets may be the source. In cases like this, it’s best to immediately call an electrical contractor.

3. Dimming or flickering lights 

There are a number of possible reasons why the lights all over your workplace or facility may be dimming or flickering frequently. A short in the wiring is one of the likelihoods. On the other hand, such flickering can also signal an over-extension of the property’s electrical systems or some dangerous arcing in your circuitry.

If you experience any of these problems on your commercial property, call an electrical expert immediately for assistance. Do not wait until the problems become worse and more complicated to resolve. Keep in mind that when electrical issues are left unresolved, they can lead to a fire that can potentially destroy your business and your livelihood.

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