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No matter how successful and busy your operation is, it is your duty to ensure your commercial building is properly maintained. This especially rings true when it comes to electrical wiring. Keeping devices and electrical systems running smoothly inside your building is not only beneficial to workflow, but it decreases the risk of fire as well.

Electrical fires consistently rank among the top five causes of commercial building fires in many industries. Of course, you may not be a wiring savant, but there are general problems and warning signs deserving your attention, according to electricians.


You may not be able to see faulty wiring, but you can certainly smell it. Generally, overheating causes a burning odor to come from light fixtures and outlets. If this happens even once, you should immediately turn off the power at the electrical panel and contact a qualified electrical technician. A burning smell can indeed indicate that a fire has already started.

Wires and other electrical components hot to the touch can indicate that something is dangerously wrong as well. Get professional help as soon as possible to avoid disaster.

Physical Signs of Damage

If you’re lucky, the damage will be easy to spot, such as frayed cable splices or wires. They can cause many problems for your company, including electrocution, building code violations, and fire hazards. If you notice said damages to these electrical components, contact a licensed electrical contractor, who will replace faulty parts and make sure your building meets fire codes.

Your company should make sure electrical outlets are checked daily. They should never feel hot, emit a buzz, or show char marks around the corners. Any of these problems require a professional inspection.

The computer equipment in your building may also become damaged. Look for exposed wires to a computer or a router, for example. This affects the power flow that ultimately leads to spikes in power levels, causing heat damage to integral parts of your equipment. Replace any electronics or devices that show signs of damage as a preventative measure.


Unfortunately, there may be times when your building’s wiring can’t support the large amounts of energy coming from today’s modern devices, including smartphones, printers, and tablets. This results in a problem known as overloading. Outlets, extension cords, and circuit breakers are all susceptible to overloading, but you can thwart it by knowing some telling signs. Some of the most common include mild shocks from appliances, cracked receptacles, warm wall plates, burning odors, and flickering lights.

As soon as you notice any of the aforementioned signs in your building, act fast and hire a commercial electrical contractor in Toronto. These experts possess the skills and safety equipment necessary to fix faulty wiring or other electrical components, thereby keeping everyone in your building safe from fires and shocks.


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